The Pool Winterization Video Course

Learn how to save over $300 by closing and winterizing your own swimming pool in our step-by-step video course that anyone can do. Works for inground, above ground and Intex/blow-up pools!
Pool Winterization Fundamentals
Pool Winterizing Introduction and Overview
9 mins
When To Winterize Your Pool
3 mins
Supplies You Need For Winterizing Any Pool
15 mins
How to Clean Your Pool Before Closing
8 mins
Pool Equipment Removal and Storage
6 mins
Winterizing Chemistry Before You Close Your Pool
17 mins
Water Levels, Skimmers, and Return Jets Preparation
7 mins
How to Winterize Any Pool Filter System
12 mins
Inground Pool Winterization
How to Blow Out Lines on an Inground Pool
10 mins
Should You Use Antifreeze in an Inground Pool?
4 mins
Inground Winter Covers and How to Install Them
11 mins
Above Ground Pool Winterization
Adding an Air Pillow for an Above Ground Pool
4 mins
Above Ground Winter Covers and How to Install Them
6 mins
General Winterization Tutorial for Intex/Inflatable Pools
5 mins
Off-Season Pool Maintenance
Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips and Schedule
6 mins
Additional Resources
Pool Closing Checklist (PDF)
234 KB
Off-Season Pool Maintenance Checklist (PDF)
184 KB
Off-Season Pool Maintenance Schedule (PDF)
1010 KB
Pool Winterization Course Handout (PDF)
30.9 MB
Recommended Winterizing Supplies List