Welcome to the Swim University Pool Care Video Course! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to take great care of your swimming pool. In this course, we cover the anatomy of your swimming pool and your pump and filter system, the basic tenants of pool care, how to open and close your swimming pool and how to troubleshoot your swimming pool if something goes wrong.

The email in the video is incorrect. The correct email address is matt@swimuniversity.com.

Enjoy the video course and happy swimming!

  • Introduction to Swim University [0:10]
  • Outline of the Video Course [1:06]
    • The Anatomy of a Swimming Pool [1:09]
    • The 3 C’s of Pool Care [1:29]
    • Opening and Closing Your Swimming Pool [1:39]
    • Troubleshooting Your Swimming Pool [2:01]
    • Additional Resources for Pool Care [2:01]
  • The 10 Commandments of Pool Care [2:51]
    • Stick to one source of information you trust [2:54]
    • Proper circulation is the key to a clean and healthy pool [3:09]
    • Consistent cleaning will reduce the need for additional pool care [3:15]
    • Simple is always better [3:24]
    • Swimming can help prevent water problems [3:47]
    • Cleanliness is next to Godliness [4:05]
    • Balance is the key to making your sanitizers more effective [4:22]
    • Automate as many processes as you can [4:37]
    • Be mindful of your environment [5:02]
    • Keep calm and appreciate your pool [5:16]
  • Who Is This Course For? Any Type of Swimming Pool Owner! [5:25]

The Pool Care Handbook and Video Course

Frustrated trying to keep your pool clear? Feeling confused about when to add the right chemicals? Get our easy-to-use, illustrated ebook and video course to help you take care of your pool so you can spend less time cleaning and more time swimming.

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