You’ve learned a lot about hot tub care in this video course. Now it’s time to put that knowledge to use and create a regular maintenance schedule. In this video, we talk about what you should be doing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to take care of your hot tub.

  • Weekly Maintenance [0:17]
    • Test
    • Add shock and sanitizer
    • Rinse filters
    • Wipe underside of cover (10:1 bleach or white vinegar)
  • Monthly Maintenance [0:36]
    • Spray hot tub filters with cleaner
    • Check jets
    • Get water professionally tested
  • Quarterly Maintenance [1:03]
    • Drain and clean and refill hot tub
    • Soak filters in cleaner
    • Wipe down cover and use protectant (if outdoors)
  • Annual Maintenance [1:32]
    • Use line flush
    • Inspect hot tub wiring for damage

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